about us

History of FOBE:

Friends of Bright Eyes (FOBE) was set up in 1993 by a young mother Yasmin Yousaf, who found herself stuck when trying to access support services for her disabled child in Luton. She decided to take things into her own hands and supported by a small number of local community members, she proceeded to organise a regular care session for children & young adults with disabilities within the locality. With their passion and commitment to providing quality care for these children & adults they managed to set the foundations for a support service which is now an integral part of numerous families’ lives.



Nature of Respite Care:

We know there are masses out there caring for their loved ones without any support. At FOBE we understand that we all need a break at one time or another and that’s nothing to feel guilty about. It’s so easy when giving so much, to deplete yourself and leaving you lacking in energy for other things, especially time for yourself. Depending on the type and intensity of care needed, carers can find their own health and well-being compromised by looking after someone else. The short-break provided by FOBE gives parents/carers that opportunity to care for themselves.


Social Inclusion through Play:

At FOBE we also understand the importance of empowering children & adults with disability to choose for themselves and letting them decide the way they want to enjoy life. Our aim is to provide an environment where people with disabilities can enjoy themselves in a manner pleasing to them. We aspire to help boost confidence and reduce the effects of marginalisation.

From its humble beginnings right through to the present day, FOBE has never forgotten its core values, and that is to deliver real quality CARE to those dealing with special needs.