Get Involved


At FOBE we have plenty of volunteering opportunities for those interested in supporting our cause and gaining experience. Volunteers are really the heart and soul of what we do and we could not have achieved what we have without the support of the thousands of individuals who have volunteered for FOBE.

We also recognise that volunteering can be a key component to your development, either by providing you with the experience you need to gain employment or achieve your goals of giving back to the community. We have opportunities to contribute in almost every field and would welcome interest from anyone. Some of the core areas we provide volunteering opportunities include:

  • Child Care

  • Project Work

  • Training

  • Administration

  • Events



Being a registered charity means we must source funding in order to support the continued delivery of our services. We are always on the lookout for regular donors and financial backers for our numerous projects. Some of the ways you can get involved in fundraising include:

Regular Donations

Fill out a standing order form (downloadable pdf) today and support our vital work with regular direct debit donations. All you have to do is fill in the form completely and send it to our address. Don’t forget to fill in the details for gift aid as this makes a huge difference to your contribution.


We have local fundraisers and events regularly and often these are organised and run by volunteers. If you have a brilliant idea for a fundraiser please contact us and let us know so we can make it happen!


Any donation, big or small is most welcome. Every penny counts towards the delivery of our service and will ultimately aid the support we give our children and families. We also encourage those who are interested in financially supporting our cause or specific projects on a larger scale to please contact us with your interest.



Are you working in the area of disability or childcare and would like to partner with us in supporting children and families? Do you know someone who could possibly add value to our organisation? Do you have links with organisations / individuals who would be able to support us?

If so please do contact us and let us know so we can aim to develop a relationship that will enhance the work we do and provide greater support for children and families.



Working with the community e.g. local schools, faith groups etc, we are always trying to engage people in raising awareness about disability and being inclusive. Our ultimate aim is for our community to become a shining example of how an inclusive society can support disabled living and carers. Some examples of our work include awareness day events, long term campaigns, school assemblies, workshops, lectures and lobbying groups. If you think you can help raise awareness or could benefit from being involved in our work please contact us.