parent support

Families with a disabled child very often deal with similar life styles and face the same challenges in being a carer. Concerns ranging from education, acess to services, respite and other issues directly related to their children’s needs are common and carers often feel unsupported in one or many of these areas. FOBE bring Parents/carers of disabled children together for friendship, to share information and to support one another through our Parent Support Programme.

The programme includes:

Parent Support Group – A weekly support session which allows parents to drop in and share their concerns, engage in fun activities themselves and access training/workshops related to being a carer.

Consultations – FOBE regularly organises consultations with parents of disabled children to keep at the forefront of issues affecting them. Parents/Carers appreciate having the opportunity to voice their concerns and it’s important that they feel listened to. We use this information to help lobby the local authority to support carers with their concerns. Finally we use what we find to review our services and keep them targeted to the areas that matter most.

Outreach Work – Our Family Worker visits homes to provide support in house with many things including advocacy, signposting, form filling, informal training and just dropping in to see how things are.